Condo and Homeowners Association Insurance

If you have condominium or homeowners association clients, you need LIO. We’re the simple, state-of-the-art digital portal that lets you generate a competitively-priced, bindable policy in just a few minutes. That’s right – not weeks, just minutes. 

Register With LIO: Fast HOA Insurance Quotes & Happy Clients

We offer everything your clients need:
  • Competitively-priced condominium and homeowners association insurance packages tailored for their by-laws and CC&Rs
  • Comprehensive property, general liability, crime, and auto coverages, including insured status for property managers
And everything you want:
  • Bindable quotes in minutes 
  • Immediate policy issue
  • Real people to answer your call and your questions
  • Simple online claims transmission with 24/7 support
  • 48-hour endorsement processing
  • No paperwork

Ready to try our faster, more flexible, and digitally-supercharged way to select, buy, and manage specialized insurance coverage for your clients? Just complete the form, hit submit, and we’ll get you appointed—and quoting—in no time.