How LIO Has Set the Bar for Insurance

Insurance providers come in all shapes and sizes. Some spread out their resources to include many different coverages, while others focus on a few business areas. 

Whatever their size and area of specialty, it is essential that you work with the right carrier. After all, there are more horror stories about insurance providers gone wrong than there are stories about seamless claims and transactions. Even a quick Google search for “insurance provider bad experience” yields more than 500 million results. 

Although there are plenty of poor insurance providers, others are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Read on to learn about who LIO Insurance is, what we offer, and what we do differently to ensure that every one of our customers has an excellent experience. 

How Did LIO Start?

LIO originated when several insurance executives who had worked for decades in the business realized they could do things differently. Having spent so much time in the insurance industry, every founder clearly understood common pain points among insurance consumers. 

With those items of concern in mind, LIO set out to create an entirely different insurance experience for our customers. From the insurance itself to the customer experience, LIO aims to revolutionize the insurance game.

What is LIO’s Mission?

From the onset, LIO wanted to take a unique approach by thinking about our products and customers differently. In short, we wanted to create an experience for our customers—not just a product.

“The core mission for LIO is to change the insurance equation by doing and thinking about things differently. From our products to our services to our technology that underpins everything, we want to offer an experience that makes life easy for our customers.” – Seth Hall, President and COO of LIO Insurance

However, creating that experience for brokers and their customers is easier said than done. It has taken the combined expertise of multiple insurance industry executives to develop and execute our roadmap to success.

What Does LIO Offer?

On the product side, LIO operates in the property and casualty space of commercial insurance, providing innovative products nationwide. In addition to our robust coverages as part of our products, LIO offers top-tier service and keen attention to detail to make the insurance process more straightforward than ever for our brokers. LIO is there to make the experience seamless and simple from beginning to end. 

What Makes LIO Insurance Different?

LIO Insurance is fundamentally different from many other insurance providers, starting with the experience that our team brings to the table. After all, LIO was founded by a seasoned team of executives who merged their experiences. Leveraging that wealth of knowledge, LIO provides industry-leading products and customer experiences. 

“From onboarding to quoting to servicing to paying claims, the customer experience is truly unique in terms of the approach and execution we take.” – Seth Hall

In addition, LIO is constantly innovating to serve our customers better. In an industry as fast-moving as insurance, flexibility and innovation are paramount to our success. As part of that innovation, LIO has a state-of-the-art technology stack that enables us to pivot quickly and address unique requests. 

Next Steps

As a whole, the most significant differentiating factor between LIO and other insurance providers is our ability to deliver a seamless, polished, and enjoyable insurance experience. From onboarding brokers to providing online quotes to the servicing and paying of claims, LIO does insurance differently. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about the LIO difference. To take the next step toward better insurance, click here to contact LIO.

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